KNXnet/IP Interface device

Couple of weeks ago I received an interesting mail. It was from a guy, I will not mention his name here, and he was wondering about some internal workings of a KNXnet/IP Interface device.

In some of my previous posts I have covered the topic of KNXnet/IP Interface device. How KNXnet/IP Interface device is configured, what kind of messages are used and how to start using KNXnet/IP interface device in some of my favorite application (for more information check the posts KNXnet/IP interface device and Using IP interface device). Continue reading “KNXnet/IP Interface device”

How to implement KNX USB Interface device?

I’m pretty sure that everyone in the world knows what a KNX USB Interface device is and what it is used for. Ok, maybe not everyone in the world. 🙂 But I’m sure that everyone who is involved in the KNX world knows what a KNX USB Interface device is.

Brief intro for all you newcomers who are just starting out with the KNX. USB Interface device is communication device which you can use to communicate with the KNX network.

In case you are a KNX installer you will be using the USB Interface device to program KNX devices and make your smart KNX network. For software engineers that are developing applications for the KNX installations, you can use USB Interface device to communicate with devices in the KNX network. Continue reading “How to implement KNX USB Interface device?”

Gira Weather Station Standard

Lately I came across an interesting KNX device and I want to share my thoughts about the features and overall experience with the device. You can consider this to be the review of the device. I will probably do more KNX device reviews as I come in contact with more interesting KNX devices

So let us begin. The device I want to talk about is Gira Weather Station Standard. Order number of the device is 2150 04. Continue reading “Gira Weather Station Standard”

KNX master data

From the first contact with the KNX world, it was obvious to me that this is a highly regulated system. KNX specification is very extensive and thorough. Everything is defined to the smallest detail.

Another thing became clear to me very quickly. There are some concepts which are used in various places. Same concepts are used in regards to different components of the system.

For example, there is detailed specification of the Datapoint Types in the KNX world. And Datapoint Types are mentioned and used in a large number of different situations. Continue reading “KNX master data”

ETS Inside Beta

Engineering Tool Software (or ETS tool) is tool developed by the KNX organization. Main purpose of the ETS tool is configuration and maintenance of the KNX installation.

ETS tool has been around for a number of years. It has gone through some design changes over the years, but the basic concept has remained the same.

ETS tool is definitely not an easy tool to use. It has a very open workflow. On one side, this is great. It gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility as a user. On the other hand, with all its options, ETS can be pretty difficult to master. Sometimes it can even feel overwhelming. Continue reading “ETS Inside Beta”

ETS tool and IP interface discovery

Engineering Tool Software (or ETS tool) is created by the KNX organization. Main purpose of the ETS tool is to configure devices in a KNX network.

In order to configure devices in a KNX network, ETS tool needs to establish connection with the KNX network. In most cases IP interface device is used for this.

IP interface device represents communication KNX device. That means that clients can connect to the IP interface device. After establishing connection, clients can start to communicate with the KNX network. Continue reading “ETS tool and IP interface discovery”

ETS – manufacturer and product discovery

When purchased from the store, KNX devices are not configured. The devices are empty. In this state, the devices cannot be used in a KNX installation.

In order to use a KNX device in a smart home installation, KNX devices first need to be configured. ETS tool is used to configure a KNX device.

Engineering Tool Software (or ETS tool) is a tool developed and distributed by the KNX organization. The tool is used by KNX installers and system integrators to configure the device in a KNX installation. Continue reading “ETS – manufacturer and product discovery”

KNX – Hello World

Every journey starts with the first step. No matter what you are doing and no matter what the journey is, this is the universal truth. KNX, a standard for home and building control, is no exception to this rule.

Software developers are used to starting a new adventure. New technology or programming language, unfamiliar development environment. We have all been there. At least I have.

In the beginning everything seems overwhelming. You have no idea where to start. You have no idea if you are on the right path. It can seem hopeless at times. You just want to quit and go back to the technology and domain you are familiar with. Continue reading “KNX – Hello World”

Using IP interface device

In my previous blog post I have covered some basic information about the KNXnet/IP interface device. I have explained that there are two different communication interfaces that can be used:  KNXnet/IP Tunnelling interface and KNXnet/IP Routing interface. I have also covered types of messages used for each of the two interfaces.

In this blog post I will explain how you can use the IP interface device to communicate with the KNX network. I will cover tools which are most commonly used in the KNX world.  Continue reading “Using IP interface device”

KNXnet/IP interface device

In my previous blog post I have written about USB interface devices. What they are, what are they used for and how to use the USB interface device to establish connection with the KNX network. In this blog post I will cover basics of the KNXnet/IP interface device (or IP interface device).

Like explained in my previous post, there are three types of KNX devices:

  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • Communication devices

Continue reading “KNXnet/IP interface device”