ETS tool and IP interface discovery

Engineering Tool Software (or ETS tool) is created by the KNX organization. Main purpose of the ETS tool is to configure devices in a KNX network.

In order to configure devices in a KNX network, ETS tool needs to establish connection with the KNX network. In most cases IP interface device is used for this.

IP interface device represents communication KNX device. That means that clients can connect to the IP interface device. After establishing connection, clients can start to communicate with the KNX network. Continue reading “ETS tool and IP interface discovery”

ETS – manufacturer and product discovery

When purchased from the store, KNX devices are not configured. The devices are empty. In this state, the devices cannot be used in a KNX installation.

In order to use a KNX device in a smart home installation, KNX devices first need to be configured. ETS tool is used to configure a KNX device.

Engineering Tool Software (or ETS tool) is a tool developed and distributed by the KNX organization. The tool is used by KNX installers and system integrators to configure the device in a KNX installation. Continue reading “ETS – manufacturer and product discovery”