My book notes – The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

Book notes represent personal notes on the books that I have read and which I consider are worth mentioning.

The main purpose is to have a reminder of the topics which are covered in the book. Let’s face it, after reading a book, I remember only the things that spark my attention the most. Everything else gets lost over time. Creating notes is a way to :

  • organize my thoughts,
  • have more things that stick permanently in my mind,
  • have a place where I can reconnect with the things that I have read.

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KNXnet/IP Interface device

Couple of weeks ago I received an interesting mail. It was from a guy, I will not mention his name here, and he was wondering about some internal workings of a KNXnet/IP Interface device.

In some of my previous posts I have covered the topic of KNXnet/IP Interface device. How KNXnet/IP Interface device is configured, what kind of messages are used and how to start using KNXnet/IP interface device in some of my favorite application (for more information check the posts KNXnet/IP interface device and Using IP interface device). Continue reading “KNXnet/IP Interface device”

How to implement KNX USB Interface device?

I’m pretty sure that everyone in the world knows what a KNX USB Interface device is and what it is used for. Ok, maybe not everyone in the world. 🙂 But I’m sure that everyone who is involved in the KNX world knows what a KNX USB Interface device is.

Brief intro for all you newcomers who are just starting out with the KNX. USB Interface device is communication device which you can use to communicate with the KNX network.

In case you are a KNX installer you will be using the USB Interface device to program KNX devices and make your smart KNX network. For software engineers that are developing applications for the KNX installations, you can use USB Interface device to communicate with devices in the KNX network. Continue reading “How to implement KNX USB Interface device?”