KNX 101

What is KNX?

Let’s start with an official definition from the KNX site, KNX is the worldwide standard for home and building control. Pretty clear. Let us break down this definition.

Worldwide means that it is used all over the world. If we can trust the data which KNX provides, there are over 370 KNX member companies around the world, more than 7000 certified product groups and several million of KNX installation running. Continue reading “KNX 101”

Me, a Blogger? Yeah, right.

It is incredible how series of events lead to interesting things. If someone had told me couple of years ago that I would be writing a blog post, I would probably say that this person is out of his mind and should have his head examined. But here I am. Writing my first blog post.

You must be asking:

How did I chose to write a blog?

What lead me to start doing it?

The answer is very simple, as I stated in the beginning. It was a series of events. Continue reading “Me, a Blogger? Yeah, right.”