KNXnet/IP Interface device

Couple of weeks ago I received an interesting mail. It was from a guy, I will not mention his name here, and he was wondering about some internal workings of a KNXnet/IP Interface device.

In some of my previous posts I have covered the topic of KNXnet/IP Interface device. How KNXnet/IP Interface device is configured, what kind of messages are used and how to start using KNXnet/IP interface device in some of my favorite application (for more information check the posts KNXnet/IP interface device and Using IP interface device). Continue reading “KNXnet/IP Interface device”

ETS tool and IP interface discovery

Engineering Tool Software (or ETS tool) is created by the KNX organization. Main purpose of the ETS tool is to configure devices in a KNX network.

In order to configure devices in a KNX network, ETS tool needs to establish connection with the KNX network. In most cases IP interface device is used for this.

IP interface device represents communication KNX device. That means that clients can connect to the IP interface device. After establishing connection, clients can start to communicate with the KNX network. Continue reading “ETS tool and IP interface discovery”